Youtuber Trisha Paytas Gets Engaged To Israeli Moses Hacmon, Fr3nemies Podcast’s Ethan Klein’s BIL!

What a way to end 2020.  Trisha Paytas just uploaded a vlog where she got engaged to her boyfriend, Moses, Now, Trisha does a lot of things for clickbait and has publicly done things for clout in the past, but I honestly do not thing that this is one of the times.

You could tell that Trish was just as surprised as we all were when Moses got down on one knee during their Jafar/Princess Jasmine (don’t ask me what the point of that was) photoshoot and told her that he called her Dad and asked for her hand in marriage right before getting out the ring and proposing to her.

Youtube – Trisha Paytas gets engaged!

For the longest time, Trish’s MO has been hooking up with famous, older stars and kind of being their sugar baby. (Although, you have to admit all that kind of fell apart back in the day with the last famous broadway guy she dated,.)

Since then she’s stuck to a lot of youtube celebrities, including the last guy she was with, Jason Nash, whom, as far as I can tell is a wee bit closer in age than her other flames. (Aside from say, Sean.)

This new guy, Moses Hacmon, I honestly don’t know that much about him aside from the fact that he is the brother-in-law to her Fr3nemies podcast co-star, Ethan Klein and that they’ve been dating for awhlie.

Trish does seem happy with this relationship and since she and Moses have been together there haven’t really been any of those cyring on her kitchen floor videos like she used to make concerning guys she was with.

That’s not to say that she doesn’t have some left in her, because I believe she does, but now when Trisha posts content it’s a lot less crying on her kitchen floor and a lot more spilling tea on people. So, if Moses ever does break her heart, I doubt that there will be a crying on the kitchen floor video, but there will be a lot of tea spilling and car vlogging and mukbanging.

However, let’s not jump the gun. For now, these two seem totally happy and in love with each other, so let’s just let them enjoy it. Who knows, maybe this’ll be the one that sticks? So we’ll extend our congratuations, and let’s just see if Mom-in-law ends up invited to that wedding! (Hey, I thought she said they weren’t getting married? Guess he proved her wrong!) Stay tuned!!!

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