Youtube Is Not Rewinding This Year!

Ever year, youtube does something that they call youtube rewind where they honor the best creators and stuff in a video. Last year was kind of lackluster because they only did a “best of” video and included a few of the vieos from the most watched creators, sort of like a countdown.

The last youtube rewind that required an actual production was in 2018 and that… didn’t really go over that well. People still cringe at the memory of 2018 youtube rewind. Eep.

Youtube – Youtube is not rewinding this year!

But this year, youtube, in light of all that has happened, has decided to take a step back from doing rewind. I guess they figured with a worldwide pandemic going on, a year full of protests, and all the things surrounding the latest election, it would just be in poor taste to celebrate all of the “good” things in 2020 when they were so miniscule compared to all of the bad.

Let’s face it, folks, 2020 was not a year who was kind to anyone, especially anyone who lost their lives by way of pandemic, or police violence, may they all rest in peace.

So maybe Youtube has the right idea. Maybe the year 2020 should go down in history as the year that was nothing to write home about because while things did happen, big things, historic things, they all had a negative impact on society and in turn it really put a damper on everybody’s existence.

Also, the production of anything past a group filming for a zoom call would be hella expensive for youtube. A lot of productions in Hollywood shut down because of the price of the daily COVID testing alone. Youtube is not a regular Hollywood production company and would not shell out thousands daily for rapid COVID tests for every creator that would be on this shoot.

So, this year they are taking a break from it. Hopefully in 2021 things will look up, and it will be a year that we want to remember, instead of one that we so desperately want to forget. Maybe 2021 will be a year that comes for us in a good way and not in an apocalyptic one. I mean, we do have the whole Pfizer 90% effective COVID vaccine to look forward to, no thanks at all to operation Warp Speed.

Maybe there’ll be no more lockdowns after all, and we can get back to a sense of normalcy.for a change. I mean, I’m not getting my hopes up, but this year was already bottom of the barrel. Let’s hope that next year is a better one. Stay tuned!!!

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