Wondr Gaming Announces Strategic Partnership with MegaCat Studios

mega cat & Wonder will create innovative and original games that allow players to connect with their favorite team and athletes as well as musicians and bands gamers, streamers, and more. Wonder Gaming’s white-label NFT technology that is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain offers numerous opportunities that allow MegaCat as well as Wonder to establish a leading position in the rapidly growing NFT gaming industry.

“James and the team at MegaCat have built a strong legacy in the video game development community that is recognized for its authentic roots in retro games that are timeless and loved by gamers all over the world. We could not have asked for a better partner as we grow our gaming NFT footprint, and bring new and exciting revenue silos to our sports, music and gaming partners. The team at Wonder believes sustainable monetization in the NFT space lies in curated content and NFT based games that let fans engage with their favorite athletes, musicians and gamers in a way like never before.” – Jon Dwyer, Chairman & CEO – Wonder Gaming

“On the behalf of the team at MegaCat, I would like to extend our excitement and appreciation for the culture of innovation Wonder has cultivated and invited us into. The natural synergies between Wonder Gaming’s growth, signal amplification, and media reach are exciting to be aligned with. This is just the beginning of blockchain gaming. Our industry has continued to blossom, and we cannot wait to bring our flavor to the Wonder ecosystem.” – James Deighan, MegaCat Studios

The Story of MegaCat StudiosBased in Pittsburgh, PA, Mega Cat Studios is a highly creative first-ever video game developer that has an old-fashioned ethos and culture of ingenuity. Their collection of classic titles includes contemporary games for platforms, as well as retro cartridge-only games. From famous celebrities and Fortune 100s as well as authentic, retro-style gaming Mega Cat Studios has had the privilege of bringing more than 100 games that span the entire blockchain, from physical arcades to big corporations as well as Fortune 100s.

About Wonder Gaming

Wonder Gaming Corp, a publicly-traded entertainment company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE: WDR) (CSE: WDR.WT) creates partnerships and builds communities in the esports professional sports, professional sports, as well as music industry through loyalty and rewards, NFTs, as well as its expanding media business. Wonder Gaming generates revenue through partnership agreements with brands hosted through its loyalty and rewards platform, through the sale of NFTs focusing on professional sports, esports, and the music industry as well as direct media sales that are hosted on its numerous partner platforms.

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