US Military Guard Capitol As Trump Impeachment Hearing Takes Place

After Trump supporters rioted the Capitol last week, security has been increased for President Trump’s impeachment hearing. 

The world was shocked when Trump incited a riot at the Capitol that led to five deaths. To prevent another incident at the Capitol, and minimise risk to the public, the US military has now been tasked with guarding the building while Trump’s impeachment hearing takes place.

Reporter Haley Talbot noted the difference in security on Twitter:

The president is now banned on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat as part of an effort to stop the spread of speech that may incite violence. This has led to pleas from Trump’s family to create a new social media site so that he can communicate to the public.

While the military is undoubtedly at the Capitol to protect the politicians and those who work inside the building. Many members of Congress have recounted the frightening riot, and this additional security should improve the safety of those who are attending the impeachment trial.

It is currently unclear whether Trump will be impeached, though both Republican and Democrat members of congress have said they are in favour of it. While there are clearly grounds for impeachment, because the president will be out of his position in under a week some may feel that it is an unnecessary measure. Either way, the next steps for the soon to be ex-president of the United States should become clearer very shortly.