Up to four million people in Ireland could be vaccinated by end of September

The current plan is to to vaccinate 700,000 people by the end of March.

Up to four million people in Ireland could receive the Covid-19 vaccine by the end of September, according to Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly, while the plan remains to vaccinate 700,000 people across the country by the end of March.

In a letter written to TDs, which was acquired by RTÉ, Donnelly said that the Government is then expected to receive approximately 3.7 million doses from April to the end of June and a further 3.8 million between July and the end of September.

It is believed that this would allow up to four million people get the two-dose vaccine by the end of September.

Speaking on Wednesday night, Donnelly said that Ireland is third per capita in the EU, behind Denmark and Spain, in daily numbers receiving a Covid vaccine.

Donnelly also said that the army, GPs and pharmacies will all be involved in the rollout of the vaccine.

When asked whether Ireland could “go it alone”, and buy extra vaccine doses outside of our allotted amount from the EU, Donnelly said that the “best way” of rolling out the vaccine is with the help of the EU.

Leo Varadkar also said on Wednesday that Ireland is beginning to catch up on other countries with regards to our Covid vaccination figures.

While no official figures have been released thus far, Varadkar did say that over 40,000 vaccines will be administered this week across the country.

Updated vaccine figures will be available on the online Covid-19 data hub from this weekend.