Two families will be able to meet outside from March 29


The UK government has announced plans to ease locking restrictions across the country, including allowing two families to meet outside from March 29.

From March 8, people will be allowed to meet someone from another family in a public place outdoors for social purposes rather than just exercise.

Then, three weeks later, on March 29, two families will be allowed to gather in groups of any size as long as it is outside. Meanwhile, six rules will apply to groups with more than two families.


Elsewhere in the plan, the government announced plans to open all schools in the UK on March 8, including extracurricular sports, and from March 29 onwards, outdoor sports venues such as playgrounds Tennis and basketball will also be allowed to reopen.

Speaking on Sky News after the announcement, Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi said the gradual move was aimed at “slow and deliberate” to ensure that this was the last fall of the nation.

“The Prime Minister has given us the task of not only providing the largest immunization program in the history of the SS, but also examining the variability vaccines that may be needed as fall vaccines if we need them,” he said.

I believe that if we do it carefully and we do it based on data and evidence, it will be sustainable and it will be the last time we go locked in by IDI 19. ‘

When asked if families who do not live next door will be allowed to visit each other from March 29, Zahawi was cautious in saying that Prime Minister Boris Johnson would release Better details later.

“This is outside and inside the house – we have a lot of evidence to show that transmission is lower than outside. “It allows two families to gather outside the house or six of the rules, and it is a national law rather than a local rule or a line.”


So I think the important thing is to wait for the Prime Minister this afternoon in parliament and this evening as well. As long as it is outside and it is two families, then that is what will be allowed if all four tests continue to be offered. ‘

Boris Johnson is scheduled to address Congress at 3:30 p.m. and chair the Downing Street press conference at 7 p.m.

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