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Twitter Isn’t Too Happy About This Clip of The Last of Us 2 Gameplay

Yesterday, developer Naughty Dog posted what appeared like a fairly innocuous tweet concerning its upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, The Last of Us: Part II. In said conversation, the studio talks about Ellie’s more nimble gameplay, with the capability to reach areas and overcome more obstacles than Joel in the very first game. It’s something we already know about, but Naughty Dog reiterated the advice alongside a brief snippet of gameplay.

Again, it is a reasonable tweet. However, the answers make it clear that people are not best pleased about it. Some feel that the studio’s emphasis on this element of the game makes it look outdated. Ellie can leap and climb on things, big deal, right? The point isn’t that this is some game-changing revelation — it is merely something fresh for the sequel given Ellie’s little build.

Another point of contention among avid Twitterers is the snow deformation visible in the video. The snow appears to snap into position around Ellie’s toes, and then when she jumps atop the huge arrangement, the white powder flattens strangely as she makes an impact. It likely represents an old version of the sport at this point, six months down the line.

We are not quite sure why The Last of Us two is under attack, but it sort of reminds us of the notorious Marvel’s Spider-Man Rewards event. Perhaps wait until you see the last game until you pass judgment, yeah? Just a couple of months to go.

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