Toro Y Moi Releases ‘Underneath The Pine’ Instrumentals On Its 10th Anniversary: Stream

The word “chillwave” still comes up pretty often when people are talking about Toro Y Moi, but it’s now been more than a decade since that term really applied to Chaz Bundick’s whole project. Toro Y Moi’s 2010 debut album Causers Of This helped define that whole sound, but his superior sophomore LP Underneath The Pine announced that Bundick was moving on from that style. On his second Toro Y Moi album, Bundick drew on disco and dance-pop and ’80s R&B and Stereolab-style ’90s polyglot pop. He found something new, and he’s been continuing to find new things ever since.

Today happens to be the 10th anniversary of Underneath The Pines. To celebrate that moment, Bundick has shared the all-instrumental version of the LP. Bundick teased that new release over the weekend, tweeting an image of a cassette playing the Underneath The Pine instrumentals, and he dropped that version of the album today.

Since releasing that album, Toro Y Moi has collaborated with chart-topping pop stars, moving into strange and unexplored new territory for a DIY artist. In the past few months, he’s landed his first Grammy nomination and designed a line of running gear for Nike. Listening to Underneath The Pine back in the day, you couldn’t guess that any of that was coming. But the instrumental version of the album shows a restless mind at work, figuring new things out. Stream that version below.

The instrumental edition of Underneath The Pine is out now on Company Studio.