TikTok leads the list of most downloaded non-gaming apps in September, Facebook comes in second

A platform for short videos TikTok was named the most downloaded non-gaming platform in the world in September 2021. It has greater than 59 million downloads.
As per Sensor Tower, the countries that had the highest number of installations were Douyin in China with 16 percent and then the US with 12 percent.

Facebook was second in terms of the popular non-gaming platform in the world in the month of April, with over 51 million installed. The most populous countries with the largest amount of Facebook installations were India with 29 percent and followed by Indonesia with 7 percent.

Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger completed the top five installed non-gaming applications in the world for the month of.

In the meantime, PUBG Mobile from Tencent was the top-performing mobile game in the world for August 2021. It earned around $270 million spent by players that represented 4.7 percent growth over August 2020.

Around 61.4 percent of PUBG Mobile’s revenues came generated from China which is where it has been made available to be known as Game For Peace, followed by 9 percent from in the US and 6.5 percent from Turkey.

The Honor of Kings from Tencent was the second highest-earning mobile game in the world for August 2021. It earned $256.2 million in total revenues which were approximately 3 percent year-over-year growth starting in August 2020.

In the year 2012, the Indian government announced it would ban 59 apps created by Chinese companies such as ByteDance’s TikTok along with PUBG Mobile due to concerns that the apps could be engaged in activities that could threaten the security of the nation.

Globally, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, And Messenger Were The 5 Most Downloaded App

The app downloads reports and information that is always interesting to read and can take readers by surprise, and also provides interesting insight into the future. The list of the most popular social apps by ST will be not anything less than the best and will provide interesting insight into the industry of social media.

The top of the list for September is the tiny video format gigantic TikTok. As the social network application that has the fastest growth rate for an extended period, TikTok has again maintained its status and has achieved over 59 million downloaded during September 2021. With the TikTok application taking the US market with a vengeance, it is easy to think that the majority of those downloads could originate from the US However, they were originated from Douyin in China about 16% of the downloads were coming from Douyin. The United States, however, isn’t far behind, with an estimate of 10 percent installed, and is on the second spot.

We are now moving to another social media app that keeps people connected over far distances. Facebook is owned by Mark Zuckerberg which remained the second most downloaded app that is not gaming globally in September 2021. Facebook in September was able to surpass 51 million downloads. This puts it just behind TikTok and proving that Facebook is getting ahead of its rivals. The countries that were surveyed to have the highest number of Facebook downloads comprised India at 29.3 percent. Following India came in second place. Indonesia with 7 percent.

Following Facebook was its daughter company Instagram that occupied third place on the list and is, therefore, the third most popular social network in September 2021.

Follow Instagram at 4th spot and 5th place are applications that are owned by the giant social media company ‘Facebook’. The 4th position was able to see WhatsApp and Messenger immediately after it.

This information is also inclusive of its App Store download as well as Google Play download worldwide between the 1st of September 2021 until 30th September, 2021. The apps that weren’t included are Apple apps as well as Google pre-installed applications since only certain applications were included. Third-party stores aren’t included in the estimations of Android.

In the list of downloads overall, TikTok achieved the top place, Facebook was in the second position, while the third spot was achieved by Instagram, and WhatsApp was ranked fourth place.

App Store Downloads list included TikTok at the top of the list, National Anti-Fraud Center was second, YouTube was seen at third place, WhatsApp on the fourth number, and Instagram was ranked fifth.

Finally, the list of Google Play Downloads included the social app Facebook in the first spot, Instagram in the second position, TikTok on third position, Messenger was seen in the fourth position, and lastly the social application WhatsApp was listed in the fifth place.

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