The Brexit trade agreement “is not far off” the mind tank warns

Think tank IPPR has warned that the Brexit trade agreement reached at 11 a.m. is “not far off” and will set major barriers to trade.

Boris Johnson hailed the long-standing alliance with the EU as a “new beginning” in Britain that addresses the European question that has “plagued” British politics for generations.

After months of negotiations, an agreement was finally reached over the Christmas period between the two parties and the Prime Minister who announced that the UK had “restored” their future.

But Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer also called the agreement “thin” – although he agreed that his party would support them, which is expected to take place at Commons next week.

“It’s not too far right now”

Marley Morris, IPPR’s Assistant Director of Immigration, Trade and EU Relations, said: “To connect with the UK’s closest and largest supplier, the alliance is very weak. In many ways the alliance is not far off.

“In particular, the agreement does not prevent the establishment of major trade barriers between the UK and the EU in one week.

“While it is undoubtedly better than what can be sold, the alliance offers a few in the complex areas of trade – including the recognition of academic, financial, and trade barriers to trade.

“While the Prime Minister says there will be no ‘tax barriers to trade”, new customs and reforms should be launched on January 1 which is causing a major upheaval.

“Even where the agreement still benefits from pursuing tax-free business, it is unclear whether businesses will have time to prepare to meet the ‘starting rules’ and may eventually be forced to pay taxes anyway.”


A review of Brexit’s agreement with the European Union began after the document was published within a week.

Both groups signed the agreement up to 1,255 pages on the morning of Boxing Day, as Boris Johnson worked to persuade the Eurosceptic Tories to return as a “proper partnership” in the country.

The Prime Minister acknowledged that “the devil has explained in detail” but insisted that they stand under the supervision of the European Research Group (ERG) of Brexiteers, which is setting up a group of lawyers to investigate all of them.

His message to Tory MPs came as 27 EU members indicated they had revoked the agreement the UK had agreed with Brussels officials in a matter of days.

Here is the issue of signing the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement | European Commission

– Eric Mamer (@MamerEric) December 26, 2020

Diplomas in jumping festivals

EU ambassadors were briefed on the outcome of the agreement by Michel Barnier, who led a delegation to Brussels for talks with the UK.

After a bizarre meeting on Christmas Day – one delegate wearing Santa’s hat and another in a festive jumper – they agreed to write to the European Parliament to say they wanted to make a decision on the deal for some time.

The change to the Christmas party forced politicians and officials in the UK and Brussels to pursue their goals.

Members and their allies will be invited back to Westminster on December 30 to vote on the deal, but MEPs are not expected to accept it until the new year, meaning it must be used temporarily until it gives them light.

The agreement will be approved by Parliament, and Staff will assist, as the alternative may be non-binding on January 1.

But Mr. Johnson wants to continue to be supported by the Euros on their benches which helped him reach No. 10.

On Saturday, former Conservative Minister Theresa Villiers told the BBC Breakfast: “I strongly believe the agreement will be reviewed and I hope I will help.

“But I was chosen for the drugs that promised Brexit so I have to read (the document) before I can see if this will really help us do this or if it will take us under European Union rule.”

“I really believe this is the right partnership in the UK and the EU

Johnson sent MPs to Tory on WhatsApp while trying to get them all involved.

“I believe this is an appropriate partnership between the UK and the EU,” he wrote.

“We’ve achieved everything we’ve accomplished: financial management, boundaries, legislation, fish and everything else.

“Most importantly, I believe we now have the foundation for lasting friendships and alliances with the EU as rulers.”

He added: “I know the devil has explained it in detail” but the alliance escapes being under “harsh control” from “legitimate eagle stars”.

“Star Room” is a nickname for the group compiled by ERG, including former Euro Eurosceptic Sir Bill Bill Cash.

Prime Minister Michael Gove, writing in The Times, said the agreement would create a new “special relationship” – a term often used to refer to UK-US links – and end “bad” politics since the 2016 Brexit referendum.

Greetings from #ChristmasCoreper! Congratulations to @MichelBarnier and the EU nego team on the EU-UK agreement on 1,246 pages in such a short time. Now the big problem is for everyone to get used to things quickly #BrexitDeal (pic @EUC CouncilPress)

– GregorSchusterschitz (@GSchusterschitz) December 25, 2020

No country in the world will follow as many export laws as the UK

Officials in Brussels and the EU headquarters are also reviewing the agreement, with another meeting of ambassadors expected before the new year, possibly December 28.

The European Commission has also announced $ 4.5 billion in aid to the affected areas and industries that could be affected by the UK’s exit from a single market and an international alliance – including fishermen who are facing difficulties as the UK takes a significant share of its assets in British waters.

French Minister for Europe Clement Beaune said it was a “good deal” and confirmed that the EU had not accepted the agreement “in any case”.

He told European radio station 1 “we need less cooperation with Britain” as “for them, it was a necessary need”.

Beaune said British food and factories that enter a single European market after January 1 will not be taxed “but must meet all of our standards”.

“No country in the world can have as many export laws as the UK,” he said.

Mr Johnson used his Christmas message to sell the deal to Brexit tired people after years of sudden controversy since the referendum.

“A cause for rejoicing”

Showing the bundle of papers he said gives “good news of great joy”.

The deal affects an estimated $ 660 billion in trade and means that goods can be sold without having to pay or the amount of the EU market.

The share of British fish stocks in the UK will rise from about half now to two-thirds at the end of the five-and-a-half-year transition.

At a press conference on Downing Street over the Christmas period, Mr Johnson said “thanks to the agreement we can catch and eat more fish”, and $ 100 million for the industry to organize and grow.

But Barrie Deas, head of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organizations, said there would be “frustration and anger” in the process, telling the PA news agency: “It was finally clear that Boris Johnson wanted a trade agreement and was willing to sacrifice his life.”

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