The Biggest Gaming News For October 10, 2021

The biggest gaming news of the day includes the emulations that are based on Metroid Dread and the discovery that two-thirds of the games currently being developed on Xbox could not be released at this point. We also saw Pokemon Unite players experience the possibility of switching between platforms during the game, a hint that the coming Far Cry game will be focused on online play and an announcement from the PlayStation president regarding the reach of the company (or the lack of it).

Metroid Dread Is Already Being Emulated On PC

Discourse about Metroid Dread has been running in the media today as sites have claimed it is playing replicated by PC within a few days after it was released. In particular, Switch emulator Yuzu displays the game in the native resolution and is able to play it with ease, while Ryujinx users have reported some issues with stuttering. Fans have been somewhat discontent with the way that the emulations are being promoted and not for the sake of hurting Nintendo and its customers, but rather because it’s an insult to the developers who have worked so hard for the release of Metroid Dread to us in the first place.

Two-Thirds Of Games In Development At Xbox Haven’t Been Announced, Says Insider

In a video from The Xbox Two, Xbox YouTube Content Creator Rand al Thor 19 sits at a table to play games and talk with Jez an editor of Windows Central. In the clip, they talk about Xbox’s roadmap for the future, as well. Rand al Thor 19 shares that based on his research (which excludes any project Bethesda has been working on) Rand al Thor 19 believes that only 1/3 of Xbox’s plans are announced. In addition, Jez claims that he is able to reveal more details about Avowed in the coming weeks.

Pokemon Unite Player Discovers That You Can Change Platform Mid-Match

It seems that players can switch from both the Nintendo Switch and mobile version of Pokemon Unite whenever they want to. If you simply launch it on your mobile device, you can start the game you started on the Switch and play from there. A Reddit user discovered this when their WiFi stopped working during the match and they were unable to continue with their Switch and so they switched to mobile instead.

The Next Far Cry Game Will Reportedly Be “Online-Orientated”

In the most recent Axios magazine, some insiders claimed that the next Far Cry game is going to be “online-orientated.” Stephen Totilo provided more details on the game and said that “…Ubisoft seems to be aware it’s time to shake things up. On a podcast in June Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier noted that the next Far Cry could go in the direction of a completely different. This is in line with an insider source who stated that the studio is looking at a more online-oriented method for a sequel.”

PlayStation’s Current Reach “Frustrates” Boss Jim Ryan

PlayStation Chief Executive Officer, Jim Ryan, sat on to discuss his reasons for why Jim Ryan isn’t satisfied with the PlayStation’s current popularity and why they should allow more people to enjoy their games. In his own words, “Music and movies, can be enjoyed by a vast number of people. And I’m convinced that the works that our studios produce are among the most beautiful entertainment to be seen anyplace in the globe. It’s a bit like putting a stop to people from enjoying the fantastic artwork, amazing entertainment our studios create… and to limit the public in the range of 20 to 30 million is a travesty to me. I’d like to see a world in which thousands of millions of players take part in these games.”

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