Nikola Vucevic, John Collins and more

Nikola Vucevic has been one of the most productive players in the NBA on the season, with averages of 24.1 points, 11.7 rebounds and 3.6 assists per game, and has looked like a lock to reach his second All-Star Game this campaign.

That has meant that even though the Orlando Magic boast a paltry 13-18 record this year and look like a team that could consider hitting the reset button at some point, they’re still not interested in trading their best player.

The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor reported as much today:

Executives around the league say Orlando has shown no interest in moving Vucevic. He’s a favorite of Steve Clifford’s coaching staff and a centerpiece of their offense; though the 30-year-old may not be part of their long-term future, he’s an important piece to facilitate development of their young players.

For what it’s worth, on his end, Vucevic recently said on a podcast that he’s happy as a member of the Magic, though he did add the caveat “for now” before saying that (via The Ryen Russillo Podcast):

“For now, I’m happy here. And I think that this year if we’re full strength we would definitely be a playoff team and playing for something, and we would have a chance to fight in the playoffs and do something significant now. (…) Honestly, I’ve been in like, not the last two seasons, but before that I’ve been in like so many trade rumors. I think one year I was in almost every rumor every day, like every day there’s something else or it would be like the same team but just you know different things. And it doesn’t really affect me because for example, something like a trade I don’t have any control over it. So I don’t like to think about it because I can’t do anything about it.”

It doesn’t look like Vucevic is going anywhere, especially considering the fact the Magic clearly want to remain competitive for the foreseeable future, but who knows? Maybe a team swoops in and offers a monster package to get the super productive big man out of Orlando.

Far stranger things have happened in the NBA.

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