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New Pokémon Sword and Shield Online Competition Announced

The following Pokémon Sword and Shield internet contests were only declared. This competition is named Extreme Speed! Single Battles!!.

Serebii only confirmed a new Sword and Shield internet contest is on the horizon. It’ll be one Battle contest with its own set of first principles and a shorter period.

According to the above site, the Pokemon known as Dynamax is going to be prohibited together with the Team preview attribute. Nonetheless, these bans are exclusive to this particular competition.

Pokemon moved out of Pokemon Home may also be utilized during the contest.

Each game will last for 10 minutes using an extended time of 10 minutes. The contest provides players 30 minutes to pick their Pokemon. Along with this, a total of 15 struggles will occur every day.

Registration is available to gamers that are thinking about getting involved in the contest. You may enroll yourself starting today until March 19.

Fans had mixed responses to the statement on Twitter. Some enthusiasts expressed frustration in Dynamax and Team trailer getting banned while some were happy at the choice. The choice to decrease conflict time also got some criticism.

Participants thought that the conflict time was limited to start with. Cutting down the conflict time, even more, would not let players showcase their abilities to their entire extent.

Players just need one Pokemon to share in the competition. Some individuals were ecstatic; they eventually get to use their moved Pokemon from Pokemon House. Together with that, getting free conflict points upon involvement will surely draw more players into the contest.

These two games came out at the end of 2019 for its Nintendo Switch.

Despite these drawbacks, both matches were well-reviewed.

If you’re confident about your Pokemon fighting skills, then make sure you share in this Extreme Speed! Single Battles!! Competition.

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