Netflix ‘Bridgerton’ makes viewers hot and busy

All people like drama in the dirty christmas?

From producer Shonda Rhimes, Netflix’s latest party with ‘Bridgerton’ reached its streaming platform on December 25th.

Indeed vent problems love, sex scenes are steamy, and costume dramas, series eight hours can be watched Christmas perfect (if parents effect on the mattress).

The series has been a Twitter conversation, and especially star Regé-Jean Page, a major concern. Page, who starred in ‘Mortal Engines’ and ‘For The People’ in the past, played one of the lead roles as Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings.

The series is based on the novel of romance novelist Julia Quinn. Shonda Rhimes, who worked on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Scandal’, assured the series of drunkenness could cause us to play around.

We recently checked out the latest on Netflix, giving it four of its five impressive stars, and saying “worthy, energetic and fun”.

Here are some of the reactions from the series to online TV bingers. Watch for some thirsty tweets, and enjoy the music throughout the series.

The only good thing that will happen in 2020 #Bridgerton

– C.C.🧋🥀 (@Ceriselei) December 25, 2020

This actor should be in the show I see again. #Bridgerton

– Willa Lively (@WillaLively) December 26, 2020

Holy Butts !!!! I mean this is just a gift that keeps giving. Like pride and porny prejudice. My jaw is only on the ground! Damn #Netflix #Bridgerton I love it! It’s too hot!

– soccermom (@ Soccermom1714) December 26, 2020

#Bridgerton #spoiler without contact

– Ghost (@Madame_Ghost) December 26, 2020

3 minutes into the first episode and @shondarhimes has made me do one of these LOL #Bridgerton pictures. Twitter. Com / EDkBwakSSM

– Remy No Chaser (@ Mavrik413) December 25, 2020

Give them the whole project! #Bridgerton

– Akata Witch (@IceQueern) December 25, 2020

No I was hooked on another Shonda Rhimes event #Bridgerton

– 🎄 (@moirasemmy) December 25, 2020

#Bridgerton I have not shared an event like this since #CobraKai

– VTmemester2 (@ tmemester2) December 25, 2020


– lola 🐝 (@katiebridgerton) December 25, 2020

Lady Danbury is a BITCH #Bridgerton #bridgertonnetflix

– Stiffany 😝 (@shessickantired) December 25, 2020

The man is to have a sense of fear in #Bridgerton


– always drag the horse (@alterrellmf) December 26, 2020

I could do without this Benedictine orgy scene. #Bridgerton

– Thigpen Nancy 🦔🌲☕ (@ThigpenHedgehog) December 25, 2020

I … I love her #Bridgerton

– Minat Cinta (@killedmyhair) December 25, 2020

Other people are watching #Bridgerton @regejean not anything, I was not too happy

– Samantha ♿️🤓 (@samstervj) December 26, 2020

#Bridgerton is done. Do I like it? Yes! Will I be waiting for anxiety for season 2? You bet.

– Elizabeth (@ Elizabe26847228) December 25, 2020

Bruh @bridgerton on Netflix asked me to throw back to classical music #Bridgerton

– Duran (@ aduran42) December 26, 2020

BRIDGERTON. Will you watch this no-nonsense drama? PANAS Welas, I really like @shondarhimes 👏👏👏 #Bridgerton #bridgertonnetflix

– Lady Patty Bridgerton of Shondaland (@noguiltlife) December 25, 2020

I really like to see Black characters in Georgian costumes – Black fictional characters in some parts of the world are usually cast for stereotypical roles. Hope to see the required expansion at #Bridgerton

– Shelby Ivey Christie (@bronze_bombSHEL) December 26, 2020

I listened to the classic violin rendering of the best bops at @bridgerton #Bridgerton

– KenZ (@kendallopolis) December 26, 2020

I watched #Bridgerton for the plot.


– .pamela. (@_pammyyy) December 26, 2020

And of course, Galway actor Nicola Coughlan is just happy to see the ‘Bridgerton’ trend in Ireland after a day.

The #Bridgerton trend in Ireland
You will never disappoint me 💚

– Nicola Coughlan (@nicolacoughlan) December 25, 2020

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