nasimiYu Announces New Album ‘Potions’: Hear “watercolor”

Dancer and musician Nasimyu Murumba has been involved with underground projects in New York and New Orleans over the years, heading up the casually excellent trap-pop project Baeb Rxxth and drumming for bands like the glam-punk act Sharkmuffin and synth-pop group Kalbells. Potions, her first solo album as nasimiYu in seven years, finds her exploring artful pop and R&B sounds in the vein of Caroline Polachek and Beyoncé. Or at least that’s the feeling I get from lead single “Watercolor,” which boasts spacious, morphing production built around flickering manipulated vocals and a relentlessly catchy “in my feelings” hook.

A statement on the track from nasimiYu:

“Watercolor” is about a psychedelic awakening.

It’s about that tender place of vulnerability that’s always hiding behind our outer shell. The song is a celebration of how much bravery it takes to shed our armor and to choose to live in our softness.

“Watercolor” is about letting myself get all the way to the other side of a good cry, and finding complete elation on the other side. Crying as cleansing. Taking an “inner shower.”

This song is about being the opposite cool, the opposite of nonchalant. It’s about allowing yourself to be as fully human as you can be. Bursting open with every color of the emotional spectrum all at once.

Sarah Pedinotti directed a striking music video for “Watercolor” involving a snake. Watch it below.

01 “Watercolor”
02 “Immigrant”
03 “White Lightning”
04 “Practice”
05 “Lovejail”
06 “Parasite”
07 “Secretsecret”
08 “Who Are You”
09 “Ceremony”
10 “Archipelago”

Potions is out 5/7. Pre-order it here.