Many Republicans Want To Impeach Trump But ‘Fear For Their Lives’, Sources Say

Many Republicans reportedly want to vote to impeach Donald Trump but ‘fear for their lives’.

They aren’t alone in wanting Trump to be removed from office, either. On Sunday, January 10, a survey found that the majority of American citizens want the 74-year-old removed as president immediately.

30% of those who took part in the survey thought the 25th Amendment should be involved against Trump, while 14% said he should be impeached.

The calls for Trump’s impeachment come after his involvement in the incitement of the US Capitol riots to disrupt Congress’s confirmation of Joe Biden as the next president, which took the lives of five people including two law officers.

It’s now been reported that the White House is supposedly putting a lot of pressure in its members to vote, but many are scared to do so.

Reporter Jamie Gangal explained, as per CNN, ‘Liz Cheney, these Republicans who have announced, they are showing courage at the same time as I have been told by Republican sources that members, Republican members, have said they are not going to vote for impeachment because they are still scared of Donald Trump.’

I was told that the White House is continuing to pressure these members, that Trump has not stopped and that members, quote, ‘fear for their lives and for their families’ lives. After what we saw on January 6th, a week later, that says a lot that the White House is still pressuring people.

CNN reporter Manu Raju described the Republican party as ‘badly divided’ over the impeachment vote and said that people aren’t being pressured to follow party lines, but to follow their conscience.

While some many be nervous to vote how the truly want to, Jaime Herrera-Beutler, a Republican from Washington, said she’s not scared at all.

She said to CNN, ‘This decision was not, like, a fear-based decision for me.’

Herrera-Beutler continued:

This is definitely the most, I think, consequential vote I’ve ever taken as a member and see, more than anything, I just, I just want people to know this isn’t about choosing sides, this is about choosing truth.

Reportedly he wants to pardon himself and his family in the hopes that it ‘could stave off prosecution’ charges he may face. There is no legal precedent for this.