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The first doses of the vaccine were given in France

Φραγκίσκη The first doses of the Pfizer / BioNTech coronavirus vaccine were delivered early Saturday at the central pharmacy of the Paris hospital system outside the capital, AFP reported.

After more than 62,000 Covid-19 deaths in France, the shootings are set to begin with people in two nursing homes on Sunday, the same day the rest of the EU begins injections.

A refrigerated truck carried about 19,500 doses from the Pfizer plant in Puurs, northeastern Belgium, Paris, the capital’s APHP hospital said, with pharmacy chief Franck Huet calling it a “historic” moment in the pandemic.

Following the repackaging in Paris, the vaccines will be delivered to a long-term care unit at a hospital in Seubran, outside the capital, and to an aging care center in Dijon, eastern France.

The first EU deliveries took place after the European Medicines Agency (EMA) gave Pfizer / BioNTech the green light on Monday and the French health authority HAS on Thursday.

Countries are particularly keen to launch their vaccination campaigns as a new strain believed to be more contagious than Britain. A first case was identified in France on Friday.

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In Thailand There have been protests to demand more action to help seafood sellers affected by a Covid-19 outbreak as the government has urged people to eat more shellfish.

The worst outbreak of new corona in Thailand was reported just a week ago, with more than 1,500 infections now linked to a shrimp market outside Bangkok. Most of those infected were migrant workers from Myanmar.

Seafood sellers say the business has fallen into a country whose economy had already been hit hard by the tourism collapse. “We want the government to build confidence in shrimp consumption,” said Piyarat Chongthep, among dozens of protesters in the Government House, some of whom clashed briefly with police.

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A re-emergence of the coronavirus in South Korea reached new heights during the Christmas week, prompting the soul to search for how the nation was going through a crisis.

The 1,241 infections on Christmas Day were the largest daily increase. Another 1,132 cases were reported on Saturday, bringing South Korea’s cargo to 55,902.

More than 15,000 have been added in the last 15 days alone. An additional 221 deaths during the same period, the deadliest strain, increased the death toll to 793.

As the numbers continue to rise, the shock to people’s livelihoods increases and public confidence in government erodes. Officials could decide to increase social distance measures to a maximum on Sunday after resisting for weeks.

Stricter restrictions could be unavoidable as transmissions outperformed efforts to expand hospital capacity.

In the greater Seoul area, more facilities have been set up for Covid-19 treatment and dozens of general hospitals have been commissioned to provide more ICUs for patients with the virus. Hundreds of troops have been deployed to help detect contracts.

At least four patients have died at home or in long-term care facilities while awaiting admission this month, said Kwak Jin, an official with the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The agency said 299 of the 16,577 active patients were in serious or critical condition.

“Our hospital system is not going to collapse, but the crash in COVID-19 patients has severely hampered our response,” said Choi Won Suk, a professor of infectious diseases at Ansan University University Hospital in west Korea, Seoul.

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Millions wake up in 4th place in England

Millions more people will wake up to the strictest restrictions of the Qur’an on Boxing Day when new changes to the England.

A number of Category 2 sites – including Oxfordshire, most of Hampshire, West Sussex, the rest of East Sussex not already in Tier 4, and Brighton and Hove, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire – have been tightened. flat. Parts of Essex that are not already at level 4 and Waverley in Surrey will join them.

The 6 million people living in the area unite the nearly 18 million people in London, south and east of England who have suffered Level 4 “home stay” restrictions – including the closure of non-essential shops and strict staff a meeting limit outside households – during Christmas.

It comes as the UK ‘s decentralized administration has also tightened restrictions on counterterrorism, with Wales entering another blockade earlier than planned and mainland Scotland and Northern Ireland starting new ones today.

In Scotland, hospitality businesses should be closed to everyone, but leisure and non-essential shops should also be closed. All non-essential stores across Scotland are expected to close on 26 December, allowing click-through and collection services.

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The number of cases in Russia exceeds 3 million

The total number of cases of Koranovirus infections in Russia exceeded the 3 million mark for the first time on Saturday after officials recorded 29,258 new cases in the previous 24 hours and 567 deaths.
This increased the total number of coronavirus cases in Russia since the onset of the pandemic to 3,021,964, according to official figures.

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The European Union vaccines began to be released on Saturday, even as countries in the bloc were forced to block again by a new strain of the virus, believed to be more contagious, which continues to spread from Britain.

The pandemic has claimed more than 1.7 million lives and continues to run uncontrollably in much of the world, but the recent launch of vaccination campaigns has raised hopes that 2021 could bring a break.

Just hours before the first doses of the vaccine arrived in France, the Paris Ministry of Health confirmed late Friday that it had identified the first case of the new variant in a citizen who had returned from Britain.

Several countries have reported cases of the new strain, which has sent suffering through already excessive health services.

There was little sign of the usual rush of Boxing Day sales on the streets of Sydney on Saturday as residents largely accepted the state prime minister’s request to stay home with a new batch of viruses.

“Even when we walked into the store, there were less than ten people,” shopper Lia Gunawan told The Sydney Morning Herald after the sales queue.

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