Lawyers are planning to ‘clean up’ the homeless areas during the disaster

When the COVID-19 pandemic devastated communities, many health professionals were concerned about the fatal impact on homeless people sleeping on the streets.

It is a group with other health problems that can be easily transmitted by coronavirus. In the spring, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevent warned of disruptions such as cleaning up the campgrounds, which could increase the spread of the disease.

On Monday, a group of homeless lawyers and advocates complained that the city of Los Angeles was ignoring that advice by cleaning up camps, imposing a people in the city camps.

“It’s not just about public health certification to continue moving immigrants now,” writes Catherine Sweetser of Schonbrun Seplow Harris Hoffman & Zeldes LLP, along with Pui-Yee Yu and Shayla Myers of Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, in a letter to The Times.

The city has previously told the Department of Cleaning to cancel its cleanup, which will remove some of the homeless people while city workers clean the streets.

In recent months, clean-ups have taken place in some parts of the city – including in areas that have been specifically described as homeless. During cleaning, the homeless have to lower their tents and move their belongings as cleaning workers sweep the sidewalks and take out the trash. Homeless people often lose great wealth as a result of this cleanup.

A coalition of activists and lawyers sued Mayor Eric Garcetti and city officials for allowing cleaners to return to the rising tide of disease.

Sweetser, Yu and Myers share Los Angeles Health data showing coronavirus cases among employees or residents of 15 city hospitals are part of Garcetti’s A Bridge Home program. Central housing is central to the mayor’s plan to reduce homelessness, but it does not live up to its promise of a happy home for people.

Prior to the outbreak, officials said clean-ups near the shelters would help reassure homeless people about the needs of the homes. The council voted in July to approve the cleanup in other areas in December.

The lawyers’ letter referred to the cleanup on Figueroa Street last week, when more than 15 city workers and contractors around 10 people were required by move for four hours. A short time later, they said, the Department of Health announced a new attack on A Bridge Home Refuge in Wilmington, where people from stranded camps were told to go.

In an affidavit sent in a letter, Dr. John Swartzberg, a professor emeritus professor at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health, said public officials should not distinguish between temporary and permanent movements. perhaps the homeless.

“By moving everyone away from their specific camp, even for a short period of time, people are more likely to gather at the corners of the camp site, where the spread of the disease will result,” he said. Swartzberg writes.

Overall, the number of COVID-19s in the homeless community has not changed much since L.A. County in many ways. A total of 3,068 homeless cases were filed through Dec. 17.

Responding to the letter, Elena Stern, a spokesperson for the Cleaning Department, said the clean-up was taking place near A Bridge Home’s dormitories and “in three details” at the Court. District Discussion 15, from Watts to San Pedro

Garcetti spokesman Alex Comisar said keeping the streets clean while advertising and providing services “is a matter of public health.”

“That’s why the University’s work goes hand in hand with telephone cleaning, free trials and other activities,” Comisar said. “We are working with the City Council to make these actions safer and more restrictive.”

Branimir Kvartuc, a spokesman for 15th District Councilman Joe Buscaino, said that while the CDC’s leadership on paper is appropriate, many homeless people are violating safety policies, such as the practice. and others.

“People are looking at the rules, and we are being accused of harassing the homeless,” Kvartuc said. However, he added: “The fact is that there are more problems than problems.”