Large queues in Intu Derby as shoppers hunt Boxing Day bargains

Hundreds of shoppers were made to wait for their Boxing Day sale bargains as queues galore hit Intu Derby.

Long queues featuring dozens of people  – some around the 100 mark – could be seen at Derby’s main shopping centre early this morning (Saturday).

Pictures sent to Derbyshire Live show queues almost as long as one of the Intu Derby floors as shoppers checked in early in the hope of snapping up a bargain.

Around 100 people could be seen queuing for Next, which is based on the second floor of the shopping gallery (also known as The Derby Centre)

Dorothy Asker, 52, said she had been queuing to get into the clothes store for an hour from 7am this morning.

And another shopper told Derbyshire Live: “It (the queue) is too much. My daughter is in there now but she was waiting a long time to get in.”

There were also long queues to get into cosmetic shop Lush with people queuing down a large section of the ground floor.

Some shoppers at Kingsway Retail Park could be seen queuing to get into the Next store from 7am but the queues were very small compared to those at Intu Derby.

A couple, who did not want to be named, said: “It’s been really good. I think we were there for only 30 minutes and did not have to queue long. It wasn’t as busy as were expecting.”

But outside the Intu Derby shopping centre it was a completely different picture.

Streets such as Albion Street, East Street and St Peters Street – normally hectic on a busy shopping day like today – were strangely scarce with hardly a soul around at around 9.30am.

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