Jennifer Aniston’s Coronavirus Christmas Bauble Isn’t Getting Good Reviews

Jennifer Aniston’s choice in Christmas decorations this year was interesting, for lack of a better word.

Taking to her Instagram story, she posted a picture of a wooden bauble, engraved with the words ‘Our first pandemic 2020’.

We’re not entirely sure whether the bauble was given to Aniston as a joke, or if she actually decorated her tree with it, but the general consensus is that it has not gone down well.

‘Sarcastic or not, this pandemic has directly attributed to the loss of jobs, housing, AND ENTIRE F*CK*NG FAMILIES. making the best of a rough situation is absolutely fine but downplaying the severity of a F*CK*NG PANDEMIC is unacceptable,’ one user wrote on Twitter.

Another said: ‘what was the reason??? plus she acting like we gonna have another one? “our first” miss girl it better be our LAST’.

Some accused the actress of being out of touch with the ‘real world’.

‘Celebrities really live in a different world’ one person said. Another agreed: ‘They do. Thy aren’t affected by this at all. They still go out, travel, make money hang out. Then post stuff like this trying to seem like they relate [with] us and all it shows is that they don’t.’

The US has the highest number of coronavirus cases in the world. At the time of writing, data from Johns Hopkins University showed that there have been a total of 18,762,893 confirmed cases in the country.

Earlier this month, the US Labor Department reported claims for unemployment benefit had surged.

As coronavirus continues to spread rapidly across the US, more than 850,000 new people applied for the benefit in the first week of December, as per NBC.

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