Haley Pham says Texans reactions to snow are “so wholesome”

Talk about being removed from reality. In spite of living in Texas, conservative family vlogger  really screwed up this week by posting some pretty self-centered things on her instagram.

First she posted that Texas shut down because of snow, and then for people to order from her shop because she literally had time to sit and pack orders all day, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was her posting that “the way Texans react to snow is so wholesome”.

Haley Pham says Texans reactions to snow are “so wholesome”

That sent her followers into a frenzy, saying that a lot of them had been without power going on 30 hours, they had no water, and no way of getting anything anything to eat, no way to drive, and to top it all off, people’s pets are struggling too. If we don’t have fresh water, that means that they don’t either. This a humanitarian crisis on all levels.

I’m not sure what part of Texas that Pham lives in, but it obviously wasn’t hit that hard. Good luck paying her power bill if she never lost power, she’ll need all those orders because it might literally take a good portion of them to pay off what she owes that private Texas power company that the grid was on.

The thing is, obviously Haley wasn’t hit that hard, but the people around her were and she is being completely tone deaf. It’s easy to say that she can pack orders all day when her area of the state wasn’t hit that hard, but when a lot of her followers are suffering it’s the wrong thing to be posting about.

Snow is fun for about 2 hours in broad daylight when you’re a kid, and then reality sets in and you realize that depending where you live, the power is going to be off for awhile at least, and no power may mean no heat and depending on how bad conditions are may mean no water, which is what a lot of Texas are facing right now.

So maybe Haley needs to get off instagram and check CNN or perhaps her local news before she posts her snow pictures on instagram for the views. Stay tuned!!!

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