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Google Stadia pricing, availability, games list, compatible devices and it works

Google’s cloud gaming system can be found across 14 countries, including the UK and the US.

Called Stadia, it is the company’s”Netflix of matches ” – of all sorts – with matches hosted on remote servers and video streamed into connected devices, including smartphones, tablet computers, computers, and TVs.

However, what do Stadia offer? And how does it differ from other cloud gaming services?
How Google Stadia works

Google Stadia is a cloud gambling service where games can be bought and played, but don’t need to be downloaded to a console or PC.

That is because, through multiple connected devices, including phones, notebooks, and TVs, you play the game in real-time, but it’s run on a remote Stadia server someplace else in the world. The video of the gameplay is transmitted to your device over the internet, whereas the control codes from a game controller are sent in the other direction.

The largest hurdle other comparable services have encountered over the years will be latency – the time it takes from the moment you move the control thumbstick or press on a button into the activity occurring on-screen.

But, where Stadia differs from other platforms, for example, Nvidia GeForce Today and PlayStation Today, is the servers are placed in a vast number of places around the planet. That shortens the distance between the player and a server to flow from.

Additionally, Google has developed a committed Stadia controller which connects to the world wide web directly through Wi-Fi, as opposed to your device (if you’re playing in your home, at least). That means that it sends controller codes without needing to submit them to your phone, tablet or another associated device. That cuts down milliseconds of latency and, in gambling, that matters.

Usually on a cloud gaming platform, once you’ve pressed a button that the signal has to be transmitted (most often through Bluetooth) into the receiving apparatus, then routed over an online connection. It’s then read by the source device, delivered straight back to the receiving apparatus, then transmitted to a TV (if not using a smartphone or tablet screen). Every one of these actions takes time and that may be crucial to smooth gaming experiences as milliseconds may be the difference between averting a bullet or being taken in the face.

The only spanner in the works – latency wise – is that if playing on a mobile device, like a Pixel telephone, you’ll have to connect the control through Bluetooth if you want to use it wirelessly since Stadia will use your mobile information to play. Alternatively, you can connect it via a cable, which will reduce that extra latency. This is the only alternative available until”early 2020″ if wireless cellular connectivity is going to likely be switched on.
Google Stadia compatible devices

Google Stadia does not require a dedicated device, save for control, since it’s playable through present connected apparatus.

For computer use, Stadia works through the Google Chrome internet browser. It’s thus available on PC and Mac without additional dedicated applications or devices.

It is going to also work through other connected devices in time, including TVs, other Android tablets and phones, plus iPhone and iPad. But at launch, you may only play it on a TV using a Chromecast Ultra.

And, while there are Android and iOS programs available today, the great majority of handsets may only manage your Stadia accounts, play games.

At the moment, only Google’s Pixel smartphones and choose devices from Samsung, Asus and Razer can currently play games through the Stadia mobile program.
Does your telephone support Google Stadia?

As well as the committed Stadia controller, compatible phone users can link an Xbox One or DualShock 4 control to their device via Bluetooth to perform Stadia games.
How much does Google Stadia price?

Google Stadia Pro membership costs #8.99 per month in the united kingdom, $9.99 per month in the US. This gives users around 4K HDR gameplay. However, you still must buy the majority of games on top.

That is because, while Stadia Guru membership allows users to add a few free games per month to their libraries – somewhat like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold – it is not an all-you-can-eat service.

For early adopters, a Stadia Premiere Edition package can be obtained (which replaces the sold-out Founder’s Edition).

The last option coming shortly is Stadia Base – a pay as you go plan. Like Pro, Stadia Base membership ensures you have to buy games individually but don’t receive any free games contained. Stadia Base is also limited to a max of 1080p. The advantage, however, is that you don’t have to pay any monthly subscription fees.

Together with both membership options, purchased games will probably forever be delegated to your Stadia accounts and you’ll be able to play them as frequently as you’d like.

Pricing for new games is determined by developers and publishers. They are around the same cost as console names.

Google Stadia game list

The Stadia games list is ever-expanding (following a fairly meager start), with an estimated 120 games intended for launch before the end of 2020.

Here is the supported game list so far:

Get Packed

Gods & Monsters

Marvel’s Avengers


Dragon Jam Steel Titans


Orcs Must Die! 3

Panzer Dragoon: Remake

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid



The Elder Scrolls Online

The Turing Test

Watch Dogs Legion

Windjammers 2

The Stadia team declared that it will also be developing its own, first-party matches but we don’t expect to see any of these until late 2020 at least.

* All these games are exclusive to Stadia, at least initially.
What broadband speeds do you need to conduct Google Stadia?

Google asserts that Stadia is capable of running games in up to 4K HDR and in 60 frames-per-second.

It is also capable of up to 5.1 surround audio. However, all video functionality and sound quality will be dependent on your broadband connection and need a Stadia Guru subscription (Stadia Base maxes in 1080p).

For the best experience – 4K HDR in 60fps and also 5.1 audio – you need a recommended rate of 35Mbps. However, games will still run from a recommended, absolute minimum rate of 10Mbps. You will likely be limited to 720p and stereo but if you get 60fps.

You can check your speed using a dedicated online evaluation here.

Google creates a bold claim that, sometime in the future, Stadia will be capable of streaming in around 8K and in 120fps. But that is a very long way away and will require much greater net speeds than many national averages.

So, as you may be a Guru member and possess a Chromecast Ultra, a game may not be outputting native 4K HDR 60fps. And while you might be receiving 4K HDR video at your end, you might find that the sport, for example, Destiny two, is locked to 1080p for performance.
Where are Stadia available?

Stadia is available in the following countries: UK, US, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Sweden.

Google intends to expand the service to other nations and areas in 2020.

You can read our full, comprehensive summary of Stadia here: Google Stadia review: The cloud gambling platform we all deserve.

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