German City Installs Pods For Homeless People To Sleep In

A city in Germany has created pods for homeless people to sleep in during the winter months.

The innovative pods are reportedly popping up all over the city of Ulm in key locations that homeless people go to. Temperatures often drop below freezing in Ulm, so the pods could prove life saving for those sleeping on the streets.

Made of steel and wood, the pods are insulted and waterproof, and recently underwent upgrades so that they have solar panels and communication services in them.

According to EuroWeekly News, the pods have an independent web connection, meaning when they’re occupied it sends an alert to a charity that then checks the pods and keeps them clean. The charity then, where possible, contacts the person who occupied the pod and asks them if they’re in need of any help.

Despite having web connection, there are no cameras inside the sleeping space.

First introduced two years ago, the pods now have better insulation and are made of more durable materials. The improvements were described as necessary as the country’s extremely cold temperatures continued to persist.

Dubbed the ‘Ulmer Nest’, the pods are big enough to sleep two people and are windproof and waterproof and circulate fresh air constantly thanks to their futuristic design.

The savvy, updated pods made their debut on January 8, according to the Ulmer Nest Facebook page.

Sharing photos of the futuristic pods, a statement read:

Today [January 8] the two Ulm nests were repositioned – unfortunately due to corona with delay, but just in time for the really cold nights.

We hope to repeat last year’s positive feedback in order to provide a supplementary measure regarding the existing frostbite protection in Ulm in the long term.

Further detailing the pod’s improvements, the group stated that in addition to solar panels and communication services, the pods thermal insulation was upgraded as well as its locking and the corresponding mechanisms.

It added that ‘further energy saving measures are in the works’.

The statement finished, ‘With the Ulm Nests, we hope to offer a little bit of security, protection and security to those who most depend on it in Ulm’.

It’s hoped that the innovative idea will go on to be implemented in other parts of Germany, as well as across Europe. As of 2017, Germany had a homeless population of 650,000.