Frustration At WWE Performance Center Over COVID-19 Protocol

WWE has seen a couple COVID-19 outbreaks since the pandemic started. That caused WWE to nix the idea of bringing NXT into the Survivor Series event. It was also the cause of the company taking away RAW Underground.

According to Fightful Select, there are “plenty of frustrated names” at the WWE Performance Center right now. This has reportedly been “a tradition” since the pandemic started.

Trainees are now back at the WWE Performance Center, training full-time. They are going five days a week during the pandemic. It was also said that some are only tested for COVID-19 once a week, and not prior to each training session.

Those that we’ve spoken to at the Performance Center say that they are typically only COVID-19 tested once a week, and train the rest of the week. WWE had initially been doing virtual classes, before a few days a week.

The WWE Performance Center was also named on a list of COVID-19 hot spots. A “strike team” visited the facility, but obviously, they were permitted to remain open. That doesn’t stop the frustration currently going on that they might not be doing enough to squelch the slow of COVID-19.