Conspiracy Theorists Think Donald Trump Spoke To Them In Morse Code In Last Night’s Video

QAnon followers are under the impression that Donald Trump used Morse code to communicate a secret message to them in a video in which he condemned the Capitol riots.

Following more than a week of criticism and his historic second impeachment, Trump yesterday stated that the violence of the kind seen at the US Capitol on January 6 ‘goes against everything [he] believe[s] in.’

He went on to stress that no supporter of his would ever ‘endorse political violence’ or ‘disrespect law enforcement or our great American flag’, but conspiracy theorists believe the president wasn’t only using his words to communicate.

Trump spends most of the video with his hands crossed in front of him, but towards the end – about halfway through the above clip – he broke them apart to make gestures as he said: ‘All of us can choose, by our actions, to rise above the rancour and find common ground.’

To the average viewer, the gestures simply seem to add emphasis to Trump’s call for peace. However, followers of QAnon believe the gestures were actually an attempt to signal them using Morse code.

Of course, it’s highly unlikely that the president went to the effort of using a 19th century code to contact his supporters, but after having been banned from most major social media platforms it’s possible he saw that as his only option.

Theories about Trump’s hand gestures first showed up on a QAnon-focused forum called the Great Awakening, according to Vice, where the poster claimed that Trump’s hand movements represented ‘dash-dash-dot-dash.’ For anyone not fluent in Morse code – so, most people – that sequence represents the letter Q.

Obviously the claim is very far-reaching, but it gained traction among QAnon supporters across numerous Telegram channels, which have gained an influx of users following a crack-down on other social media platforms.

Alongside the Morse code theory, his supporters have suggested that Trump may be preparing to send them a message using the Emergency Broadcast System, which provides the POTUS a method of communicating with the American public in the event of war or grave national crisis.

While QAnon followers may remain adamant that Trump is about to put some grand-master plan into action, it’s more likely that his hand movements were just that – hand movements.

With his second impeachment underway and Joe Biden set to take over the Oval Office in a matter of days, it’s probably about time the conspiracy theorists started wrapping up their speculation and moved on.