Boxing Day Rules for Derbies and Derbyshire under Tier 3

The general rule was changed to just one day so we could meet the family for Christmas lunch, but that’s over now.

Starting today, Derby and Derbyshire return to Tier 3 lockout rules.

Even though yesterday we were allowed to hang out with two other households to celebrate Christmas, today is a different story.

The tiers will be reviewed at the end of this month, but for now, we have to adhere to the Tier 3 lockout rules.

This is:

Social contact: You can’t meet anyone socially, unless they come from your household or support bubble, whether indoors or outdoors such as private gardens, beer gardens, hospitality, or places with tickets. However, the six-limit rule still valid in outdoor open spaces, such as parks, forests, or beaches.

Bubble: Two households can form a “support bubble” if one of them only has one adult; or a “parenting bubble” if one of them has children under 13. There are also new exceptions now that allow multi-adult households to form a support bubble no matter what, if the household has children under one year of age, or a child with toddler care needs. If you are in the bubble, you can behave as if you are all in the same household.

Shielding: The “very vulnerable clinically” who protects in Spring can return to school and work. There will be specific guides for each level.

Sex: Indoor recreational encounters are prohibited unless you live together or are in the same neighborhood. The same is true for outdoor spaces like parks or beer gardens. Technically, gatherings are still allowed in the park, but you should keep your distance socially. And, uh, there’s a little thing called the public indecency law.

Pubs and restaurants: Hospitality premises must be closed and can only remain open as a “click and collect” or take-out service. This includes hotels. The drive-through can remain open.

Travel and leisure: You must limit any travel that is made outside your local Tier 3 area – except for work and school travel. These are guidelines, not laws. People are advised not to spend the night outside the area or ask visitors to stay from elsewhere. This means that there are no holidays.

Work: The advice is to work from home if you can.

Weddings and funerals: 15 guests can attend the wedding ceremony but receptions are prohibited. Funerals can be attended by up to 30 mourners, with only 15 allowed afterwards.

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Stores: All retail – including non-essential stores – can stay open.

Gyms, pools, hairdressers, and “personal care” (eg nail salons) can remain open.

Cinema, bingo, bowling, soft play and other indoor entertainment: These must close at Level 3.

Sports: Organized indoor sports and exercise classes can continue outdoors, but not indoors unless just one household or bubble.

Spectator sports: Not allowed on Level 3, indoors or outdoors.

Mass events, theater, performances and conferences: Not allowed.

Religious services: Can be continued as long as the sub-group you are in is consistent with the social gathering rules for your level.