Boxing Day Is Better Than Christmas

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. Like I was going to try to play it cool, I started to get excited in September and when the first Christmas tree popped up, my lumps felt like they were full of scars.

I really love the best builds – at least for fun. Wandering around the Christmas market with a mid-December wine ‘Malma Masma’, the songs sung in the town and the shop windows were immediately lit – beautifully – with lights on.

The big day itself always feels like a sudden burst of this mysterious mystery. An interesting and amazing cork all day full of cameras.

Of course, I love more or less every second of this busy day. I love the relief of fishing for the gifts I have been itching for for weeks, and the familiar joy of moaning about jokes.

I love my mother’s honest turkey recipes, and I love pulling relatives out of the house with more gifts while laughter echoes from the kitchen inside.

Roy Wood of Wizzard once sang that he wished “it could be Christmas every day” and in many ways I respected the passion, energy and impressive ability for sprouts.

Of course, I can fully understand that want to spend every day with excitement and radiance. Drink and overeat and play popular games with the ferocity you forget you once had. And is it not good to have a boxing day every day?

The part I love the most at Christmas is also the part that makes it unsuitable for everyday use.

It is a precious emerald twice a day that is made to a high standard. 24 hours of magic where everything tastes delicious or shiny. It’s the end of the book to the annual film of your life, and if it lacks perfection, the frustration can feel crushed.

Sometimes I feel like I feel sad or really feel less than the ghost of a merry Christmas – On Christmas Day, I hate leaving Christmas special occasions slippery at my fingertips. I never wasted a second, knowing I would not inject for another year.

So it is not surprising that many adults fall in love with Christmas and grow up to the expectations of today’s film.

The cold truth of the matter is that many of us will wake up on Christmas morning without a lifestyle that prevents us from advertising a warm store, and this is probably especially true this year.

We may not have found anyone to love us back Love Love style. We may not have enough money to buy our children’s sacks full of new toys. Our stems can look ridiculous and a little messy to hold back the shots.

That is why I would suggest that Boxing Day is indeed a more exciting day than you might expect, and that the pressure on the happiness meter is noticeable.

Of course, you can also argue when examining your own feelings this holiday season that boxing day is really enjoyable on the big day.

First of all, Boxing Day is sharing a lot of Christmas fun. The decoration is still there and if you are lucky you will have a lovely gift and a few thoughts to enjoy and appreciate properly, now the confusion has eased a bit.

If you can successfully manage the current transition with a smile and genuine gratitude all the time, then this is your time. Reward for every hour you spend walking through the mall trying to recall your sister’s shoe size without texting her.

If you are sharing Christmas with family and loved ones, you will still spend a lot of time together. Reflect back on the past and how everything got better in thinking about the past.

You also hope that you will still have a lot of seasonal fun and want to undress or hook up for sleepers – now play more games. You will still want to pull out crackers, but perhaps from the comfort of your sofa when looking for an online sale.

Obviously the TV schedule is still great on Boxing Day and I can not think of more simple fun than the warmth of my new Christmas outfit in front of a quality BBC. Thighs.

Oh, and when it comes to food, there really is no better day on the annual calendar for myself and my fridge riders than a boxing day party. While Christmas is a formal day, food wise – what happens on Boxing Day. And usually there is not too much cooking to use labor.

If done properly, eating grass all day should start with chocolate cake for lunch, then a funny bean curd from a turkey or a few pigs in a blanket. Maybe with a handful or a handful of twins left over from the Christmas buffet.

Of course there are turkey canary and sandwiches. Definitely the best sandwich of the year and not the one copied by the high street vendors. Leave this sandwich. Especially if it has a decent layer of bread sauce on it and has her worms of real sauce.

Do not forget that for many people, Boxing Day is really important. Some of us will have arrangements with other relatives today or perhaps with a partner who has spent time elsewhere. Maybe you are counting on the simple and desirable snowball to live a day.

For those in the NHS who have made a difference this Christmas, it may be time for them to return home to their last family, exhausted and grateful for Bel’s ignorance and kindness.

To be honest, I used to feel a little blamed on Boxing Day, as if the colorful wraps were suddenly removed in a month so quickly, so to speak.

But then I started celebrating Boxing Day for what it was like: Christmas was more lazy, less dim – but by no means cute sister. A happy and joyful day where you do not expect to show or change your shoes for your new boots.

Here, wish you and your loved ones a happy boxing day.

If you are experiencing boring thoughts and feelings, the campaign against happy living (Kaliman) is there to support you. They are open from 5pm-200pm 365 days a year. Their national phone number is 0800 58 58 58 and they also have webchat service if you are not comfortable talking on the phone.