100 pubs in the village of Leicestershire have applied for an ambulance – has your residence been approved for funding?

More than 100 Leicestershire pubs have applied for a new £ 1,000 scholarship to help them during the Covid-19 closing period.

Leicestershire County Council offers a one-time payment to support small rural pubs that can’t open their doors on Christmas Day, and so far 28 grants have been approved.

Eight pubs received cash.

  • Sugar Bread, Ab Kettleby

  • Anchor Inn, Netherlands Brutton

  • Stone, Plug-Inn

  • Geese and Fountain, Croxton Kerrial

  • Lancaster Arms, Desford

  • Bluebell Inn, Desford

  • Old rabbit and dog, Ansty

  • Elephant and Fortress, Turlaston

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According to County Hall, the scheme, which is considered the only model in the country, aims to keep people in the workplace, maintain the role of the pub as a public hub and help diversify the population by providing additional services.

“Hospitality has been hit hard during the pandemic,” said Blake Payne, the council’s deputy chairman. If you take into account what pubs can provide in the community, the impact will be even more pronounced.

“So we moved quickly to support. I’m glad the cash is already in the hands of the apartment owners – and cash prizes will be given in the next few weeks. “

“It will be a difficult period, but we are ready to support our communities and small businesses,” he added.

Michael Cosgrove, owner of Bluebell, was one of the first pubs in Desford to receive £ 1,000.

“Many pubs have diversified and helped their communities when they were still closed.

“For the county council to recognize this and help with this move, there will be a small way to help bridge the gap between what kind of support we need to survive and what we are currently receiving from the government.

“Pubs are an integral part of our society and we need to work as much as we can after this crisis.”

The scheme is expected to support up to 200 public pubs and will be supported by the British Brewery and Brewing Association (BBPA), the largest trading body represented by 20,000 pubs in the country.

BBPA Executive Director Emma McClarkin said: “It is great to monitor the speed of the Leicestershire County Council to ensure that the additional financial support provided by the county’s small rural wet pubs falls into the hands of inaccessible pubs. during the holiday period. The situation in front of the pubs is very urgent, so the pace of work of the council is very good.

“We urge the central government to increase grant payments for long-term pubs from strict restrictions and the current full closure in 2021 and ongoing trade restrictions.

“I am pleased that the Leicestershire County Council recognizes the important social and economic role that local pubs play in the local community, and I urge the government to follow the example of other local authorities.”

The pubs should be in the village of Leicestershire and show how the community plays an important role in getting cash.